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  • Just The Right Bible

    Just The Right Bible
    Shepherd Productions

    We have so many options as to what kind of bible we want to purchase yet so many in the world don't even have a single bible in their own language. This illustrative video will help to bring this truth home.


  • I Stand Forgiven

    I Stand Forgiven
    Shepherd Productions

    Travis shares his story of hitting bottom while looking for acceptance. He discovers Christ offers true acceptance regardless of past choices.


  • Belong

    Shepherd Productions

    This is a story about a young man who sought to belong. After being rejected many times in life he found a home amidst a group of skaters but still felt alone. In his search he discovers the truth he rejected as a child held ... more


  • True Joy

    True Joy
    Shepherd Productions

    The world's way of thinking is very different from God's. In fact, sometimes, it's exactly the opposite. This video, heavily influenced by the teachings of John Piper, demonstrates that truth is found in the way you look at t ... more


  • Water and Wine

    Water and Wine
    Shepherd Productions

    The water and wine jars 'come to life' and have a conversation about being used at the wedding celebration.


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