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Reel Home Productions

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  • Drive Thru Santa

    Drive Thru Santa
    Reel Home Productions

    Drive-Thru Santa is a funny, yet sober reminder of just how we can get carried away with self gratification rather than, focusing on the need of others. This short can easily be used to illustrate where our hearts should be a ... more


  • Vase, The

    Vase, The
    Reel Home Productions

    "The Vase" is a simple illustration of God's ability to restore our broken lives while living in a dark world. This moving short is a great discussion starter ans is abstract enough to allow for several topical tie-ins.


  • Something Lost in the Translation

    Something Lost in the Translation
    Reel Home Productions

    Communication is important in all of our relationships, especially marriage. This short highlights the importance of listening as well as understanding one another. Follow Dave and Karen as they struggle trying to communica ... more


  • Family Outing

    Family Outing
    Reel Home Productions

    We get so stuck in the day-to-day routine we lose track of the important things God has called us to do, such as, loving your neighbor as yourself, serving others, respecting authority, and living in truth.Produced by: Reel H ... more


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