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  • An Easter Story

    An Easter Story
    Invision Media

    "An Easter Story" is a short, fun, documentary style telling of the Easter story featuring kids playing the parts of those who were there. It has it's quirky, fun moments and serious heart string tugging moments all in three ... more


  • Love Journey - Motion Background Four

    Love Journey - Motion Background Four
    Invision Media

    This a seamless looping motion background made to complement the sermon illustration, "Love Journey - A Valentine Story". This motion background is great for your time of worship, announcements or other information slides in ... more


  • Love Journey: A Valentine Story

    Love Journey: A Valentine Story
    Invision Media

    A Valentine Story is a short, fun and classic story about two lovers told in quick and colorful imagery perfect for your Valentine's Day service. At the end, we're reminded that Love is a journey and we must choose to walk do ... more


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