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  • Crucified with Christ

    Crucified with Christ
    ClearView Productions LLC

    Referencing Galatians 2:20, this short powerful film illustrates the need to nail our struggles to the cross knowing the victory that we have only through the blood of Jesus. Perfect for Easter, a Galatians sermon series, or ... more


  • Christmas Bells

    Christmas Bells
    ClearView Productions LLC

    The classic poem "Christmas Bells" By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, comes to life just as relevant today as it was when it was written during the Civil War. Beautifully and artistically shot reciters bring together classic bea ... more


  • Overcoming Addiction

    Overcoming Addiction
    ClearView Productions LLC

    Meet Andrea, a church secretary who was a crack addict and suicidal by age 11! Inspired by Jeremiah 29:11 Here her story of how the Lord brought her into a new life full of blessing and promise. Perfect for weekend retreat ... more


  • Beyond the Box

    Beyond the Box
    ClearView Productions LLC

    This video sets the tone for any event where you need an attention grabbing, and inspiring way to encourage people to break through their own roadblocks and experience God in a deeper way. Perfect for youth, worship and conf ... more


  • Facing Our Battles

    Facing Our Battles
    ClearView Productions LLC

    More than a tribute, this short, powerful film bring to light the individual battles we all face and encourages us to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ to give us strength to be over comers. Just as the Veterans have struggles, s ... more


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