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  • We Are the Reason

    We Are the Reason
    Maurer Creative Services

    Using graphics of the cross, a simple, straight forward message is boldly proclaimed: Christ died for YOU. Why did Christ endure the grief, experience the sorrow, tolerate the suffering, and die? No matter who you are, what ... more


  • Anything But Jesus

    Anything But Jesus
    Maurer Creative Services

    Satan has one goal: Anything but Jesus! Use this simple, yet affecting video to remind your Congregation, Sunday School Class, or Youth Group about the tactics Satan uses to distract us. What\'s blocking your view of Jesus? W ... more


  • Fishing In All The Wrong Places

    Fishing In All The Wrong Places
    Maurer Creative Services

    A bumbling fisherman is "all talk" as he attempts to catch fish in all the wrong places. A good correlation can be made when fishing for men... you've got to go to where the "fish" are. Evangelism is meant for the non-chu ... more


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