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  • Father's Day: Answering The Call

    Father's Day: Answering The Call
    Gateway Communications

    This heartfelt video reminds us of the many times we’ve called out to our dads. From riding our first bike, to being stuck on the side of the road: “For all the times you have answered the call… thank you, dad.”


  • Memorial Day: Memories of Service

    Memorial Day: Memories of Service
    Gateway Communications

    The most beautiful of stories stir up a call-to-action. A man tells the story of his brother, Bill, and Bill’s call-to-action: to become a fighter pilot in World War II. The family was informed on Christmas Eve that Bill was ... more


  • Our Independence Day

    Our Independence Day
    Gateway Communications

    We have all been created equal – graced by God with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But as Americans, we are one of the few nations that are fully enabled to act on these rights. Here’s a succinct and ... more


  • Confessions from Dads Chair

    Confessions from Dads Chair
    Gateway Communications

    Get ready for some real talk from real dads. This humorous short highlights some of the most real and relatable aspects of fatherhood from both rookie dads and veteran dads. You’re sure to get smiles and laughs from all gener ... more


  • Dads In Charge

    Dads In Charge
    Gateway Communications

    If you wish to know what happens when dad’s in charge, your wish has come true. Dad’s who ARE in charge wish their experience only lasted for 50 seconds (like this video). This piece will spark memories on why dads are awesom ... more


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