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The Harvest

The Harvest is a non-denominational church located in Sarasota, Florida. Here you'll find countdowns, sermon illustrations, and testimonials of people who's lives have been transformed through our substance abuse programs.

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  • Beach Sunset Countdown

    Beach Sunset Countdown
    The Harvest

    Countdown rolls over background of a beach sunset and broken down pier.


  • Spring Park Bench Countdown

    Spring Park Bench Countdown
    The Harvest

    Diamond design over park bench scene


  • Cloud Countdown

    Cloud Countdown
    The Harvest

    Countdown as camera flies through clouds.


  • Drawn to the Broken

    Drawn to the Broken
    The Harvest

    Life gets busy, and we have a hard time looking beyond our own struggles and schedules. Sometimes, it takes the innocence of a child to remind us that Jesus has called us to the outcast and the broken. He’s called us to love ... more


  • The Thermostat

    The Thermostat
    The Harvest

    In Ephesians 6, we are instructed to put on the full Armor of God. Equipping ourselves with a steadfast faith allows us to face whatever “heat” comes our way.


  • I Am Superman

    I Am Superman
    The Harvest

    Sometimes, life can take a turn down a path that we never imagined or anticipated. It’s down this path the dreams and imagination of our childhoods can seem lost forever. This video dramatizes a letter written by a young woma ... more


  • Every Day Should be Mother's Day

    Every Day Should be Mother's Day
    The Harvest

    Home is defined by the people, and we are always keenly aware of someone's absence. This touching video tells the story of a daughter surprising her mother by unknowingly showing up at a family gathering.


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