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  • The Story of Easter

    The Story of Easter

    This Easter video can be used as a call to worship, service intro video, message intro, or as a transition video in your service. The video reminds us of the reason for Easter and ends with a call to proclaim the name of Jesu ... more


  • Heart of Giving

    Heart of Giving

    This video takes a more modern day look at how Christ has called us to give selflessly. The video refers back to the widow in Luke 21 who gave all she had out of her poverty. God has called us to be givers not based on what o ... more


  • Mustard Seed Faith vs. Little Faith

    Mustard Seed Faith vs. Little Faith

    A look into how Christ calls us to have faith as a mustard seed in order to see his hand work through the impossible. This video takes off of the Mac vs. PC commercials and highlights "Mustard Seed Faith" as the one who sees ... more


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