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  • Door Knob

    Door Knob
    Red Umbrella Media

    The main point of the “Doorknob” story is to open a door to discuss peer pressure and judgment. Throughout this story we follow a young lady (Courtney) as she begins to let her friend have more influence in her life than ... more


  • Porta Potty

    Porta Potty
    Red Umbrella Media

    The main point of the Porta Potty story is to show God’s grace and forgiveness. It helps us to see God as the Father that He is. People often feel God is angry with them and they could never deserve His love and forgiveness ... more


  • The Walk

    The Walk
    Red Umbrella Media

    The reason we made “The Walk” was to convey to Christians in an almost silly way how we come across sometimes. We need to realize that the world is watching our actions more than they are listening to the words coming out ... more


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