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  • Community 101

    Community 101
    Christian Life Church

    God says in Genesis, Chapter 1, that it is not good for man to be alone. Yet many of us live isolated lives. What is the power of community? Is there truly safety in numbers?


  • Cellphone vs. Bible

    Cellphone vs. Bible
    Christian Life Church

    What if we treated our Bibles like we treat our cellphones? How drastically different would our lives be? This video challenges us to consider, 'Hmmm...where IS my Bible'?


  • A Leader

    A Leader
    Christian Life Church

    How do we define a leader? What does leadership look like? Are we leaders or followers? Does God call us to be leaders? This original poem set to music describes the nature of true leadership and the necessity and the im ... more


  • Wrong Way

    Wrong Way
    Christian Life Church

    God really wants to lead us into His purpose for our lives, but what does it look like when we don\'t follow His direction. This video takes a humorous look at what can happen when we don\'t follow the voice of God.


  • Teach Us To Pray

    Teach Us To Pray
    Christian Life Church

    This video takes a serious look at what we often call prayer. God wants much more than just our wish lists. He wants our hearts and lives. Lord, teach us to pray...


  • One Prayer

    One Prayer
    Christian Life Church

    What good can one prayer do? You\'d be surprised. God has done incredible things in response to a single prayer spoken from a desperate heart.


  • Can You Believe?

    Can You Believe?
    Christian Life Church

    Can you hold onto your faith in the midst of a world in turmoil? Jesus promises provision to those who can believe.


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