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  • It's All About Me

    It's All About Me
    People's Church

    Humility is a virtue that needs to be cultivated and incorporated into our nature. Often consciously or unconsciously, those who are extremely gifted in certain areas can give an impression that they are egoistic. Consequentl ... more


  • When You Don't Get Along

    When You Don't Get Along
    People's Church

    "A divided house cannot stand", said Jesus. But in Christ reconciliation overcomes the division and brings resolution to conflicts. In an ideal world, everyone should get along. But reality is this: even in the church there a ... more


  • People of the Fine Print

    People of the Fine Print
    People's Church

    This clever video asks a most important question; Are we really living our Christian Faith, or is there some "fine print" to our behavior?


  • My Story: Tessla

    My Story: Tessla
    People's Church

    A very personal testimony of one girl's experience with abuse, drugs, the occult and the Savior. Up close and personal. This will really make a person think.


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