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  • New Friends

    New Friends
    Filmosaic, Inc.

    After seeing a difference in the lives of her new friends at the church she has been attending, a young woman shares with her husband a desire to make a spiritual commitment.   However, she happens to observe her new friends ... more


  • The Office of Guilt Administration

    The Office of Guilt Administration
    Filmosaic, Inc.

    Sometimes it is difficult for Christians to realize that through God's grace, our sins are forgiven and forgotten. In this film, a Christian seeks the help of a government agency-like “Guilt Administrator” to help her deal w ... more


  • Mary and Joe

    Mary and Joe
    Filmosaic, Inc.

    In today's modern world, we sometimes lose sight of the earthly struggles young Mary and Joseph must have had as they dealt with their heavenly news. In this modern-day depiction of a conversation between "Mary and Joe", we ... more


  • I Promise

    I Promise
    Filmosaic, Inc.

    A humorous look at a married couple as they discover how easily we make, and break, our promises to each other. May be used to contrast the consistency of God\'s promises. Also appropriate for marriage & relationship studies ... more


  • Worth The Fall

    Worth The Fall
    Filmosaic, Inc.

    A school janitor witnesses a principal sexually harassing a young student. The janitor must decide to either report the incident and risk losing his wife to deportation, or do nothing. This film has won many awards, and has b ... more


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