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  • Sam Here I Am

    Sam Here I Am

    Heading to school on a typical day, Sam, a lone youth, hears the voice of God calling him. Following where the voice leads, he discovers God\'s word...a Bible. This modern day Samuel is ready to listen, ready to fulfill his p ... more


  • Remember 9/11

    Remember 9/11

    As the tragedy of 9/11 unfolded, everday heroes - though exhausted and mourning the loss of friends - demonstrated to the world true dedication, value for life, and selflessness.


  • Star Spangled Banner

    Star Spangled Banner

    Independence Day would be incomplete without the traditional playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Have your congregation sing along, play as part your Pledge of Allegiance ceremony, or use to set the tone of your service. T ... more


  • Taps (Solemn Tribute)

    Taps (Solemn Tribute)

    Set to the tune of Taps, this solemn tribute salutes our troops in uniform and those who have fallen to protect our lives and our freedom. Nice for transitioning within your Independence Day Celebration.


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