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  • No More Fear

    No More Fear
    IMS Productions

    For young people living in the shadow of the World Trade Center, how did it feel when they saw the towers fall? One thing’s for sure: the fear they felt didn’t take them down, too. From the Edge TV series "Emotions."


  • Breaking Barriers

    Breaking Barriers
    IMS Productions

    Follow EdgeTV around the globe and see a love of a different kind in action – a love that crushes all barriers. From Edge TV's series on Servant Leadership. Through real stories from young people all around the world, EdgeT ... more


  • Pain Opener

    Pain Opener
    IMS Productions

    Visual help for kicking off your series on pain and suffering. From the Edge TV series on Pain.


  • Problem of Pain Pt 2

    Problem of Pain Pt 2
    IMS Productions

    If God is a loving God, why does he allow so much pain and suffering in this world? From Edge TV's series on Pain. A sequel to part 1, this video asks why do we have pain? What purpose does it serve?


  • Garrett's Story

    Garrett's Story
    IMS Productions

    You’re orphaned as a young boy. You lose both parents to murder and suicide. Where’s God in that? Garrett knows. Part of the Edge TV series in Pain. It’s the universal question: "Why would an all-loving, all-knowing God all ... more


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