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  • Jesus Friend Request

    Jesus Friend Request
    BlakeBuster Films

    Jesus has sent us all a friend request. It is us up to us to accept it.


  • Christmas Invite Video

    Christmas Invite Video
    BlakeBuster Films

    Encourage your congregation to invite friends and neighbors to church this Christmas with this video! A light and friendly take on outreach for the holiday season, your congregation is sure to enjoy it.


  • Easter Invitation letter

    Easter Invitation letter
    BlakeBuster Films

    Many non Christians would attend church on Easter Sunday if only they were asked. This Easter would be a great time to invite a friend who doesn't know Christ to go with you to church. They may be wishing you would.


  • They Want to Know

    They Want to Know
    BlakeBuster Films

    When someone asks you about your weekend, you probably don't say much. But every question is an invitation to share what is most important to you. Why not use those opportunities to tell people about The One who gives your li ... more


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