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A Case For The Trinity

A Case For The Trinity

By Shuv Creative

A case for the Trinity: an outline of the basic principles followed by a listing of a wealth of texual biblical evidence. Hebraic music sets the tone for this ancient truth. Pastors can use the first 2 minutes of the video short as a teaser and can either show the Appendix portion (2 mins 14 seconds) that follows (biblical references list) or just use that portion to prepare for the sermon. Features music by Barry & Batya Segal. Music used by permission. 10% of commissions earned will be donated to their ministry work in Israel. Songs: \\\"Sh\\\'ma Yisrael\\\" and \\\"Barach Haba\\\". Music available at www.GreetingsFromJerusalem.com. Video by Fringers Sphere. (c) 2008 All Rights Reserved.