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Black History Month Tribute

Black History Month Tribute

By True-Media

Black History Month was established to remind us of the history of African-Americans not taught in our school textbooks. It gives us a time to reflect on the accomplishments of prominent black people in American history. If you enjoy this video, please click on the link next to the video called true-media for more videos. Thank you. Keywords: black history month tribute great speeches Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X Reverand Jesse Jackson US President Barack Obama 44th 44 Maya Angelou Harriet Tubman Rosa Parks Oprah Winfrey Muhammad Ali black panthers military inauguration inaugural address I have a dream democratic national convention frederick douglass W.E.B. DuBois Arthur Ashe Booker T. Washington Million Man March Langston Hughes Morgan Freeman pride nation islam freedom slavery slaves emancipation proclamation fighters leaders hope injustice justice great speeches of the 20th century peace peaceful protest militant poet poetry