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Machsi My Refuge

Machsi My Refuge

By Shuv Creative

Machsi (My Refuge)
Psalm 91:1-2
A timely worship song video taken directly from scripture and sung in the original language soul stirring Hebrew.

Images of the power of God intervening in the lives of biblical believers will stir the heart to remember what an awesome God we serve Blends images from ancient Israel with modern day Israel.

1. Machsi features subtitles in English and Transliterated Hebrew for ease in congregational singing.

2. Turn off the sound and have your praise band perform "Machsi" live using the video as a backdrop with subtitles. A chord chart is available at www.ChristeneJackman.com

YOshev beSEter ElYON beTZEL SHAdai yitloNAN
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High who abides under the shadow of the Almighty.

oMAR LA ADONAI machSI oom tzoodaTI ELoHAI evtach BO
Will say to the LORD, My refuge and my fortress my God, in whom I trust.

"Machsi (My Refuge)", written and performed by Christene Jackman (c)2010. Video by Shuv Creative / Fringers Sphere. All Rights Reserved.