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Yeshua and the Woman Caught in Adultery

By Shuv Creative

Yeshua (Jesus) and the Woman Caught in Adultery--It's all about Grace. Or is it? From the Scriptural account in John 8:10-11 starting with with a contextual discussion about John 7. Many have taught that the story of Yeshua and the woman caught in adultery is all about grace and forgiveness BUT the facts reveal something quite different and even more profound. Video contains a low key music bed, providing a soothing atmosphere for live narration of the text on the screen. Length of this teaching is approximately 20 minutes. CREDITS: Video by Shuv Creative formerly Fringers Sphere. Written by Ketziah Rachav copyright September 2011 Elul 5771. Based on research by Rico Cortes and Ketziah Rachav. Music bed by Kevin McCleod www.Incompetech.com.

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