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HIDDEN IN THE HEBREW The Proverbs 30 Encryption

HIDDEN IN THE HEBREW The Proverbs 30 Encryption

By Shuv Creative

HIDDEN IN THE HEBREW: The Proverbs 30 Encryption
Yeshua of Natzeret -- Jesus of Nazareth -- born in Bethlehem, Judea claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God. The angel told them they were to call His name, "Yeshua" which in Hebrew means "salvation."
But is He really the promised Messiah? One of the most intriguing proofs to His claim cannot be seen in the English translations. It is Hidden in the Hebrew!

While studying Proverbs 30 in Biblical Hebrew, Christene Jackman discovered that not only is the name of the Messiah--Yeshua--encoded in the very verse that asks, "What is the name of God's son? Surely you know," but she also uncovered a stunning prophetic phrase that pinpoints the Messiah as the Suffering Servant who is Salvation. A must see, faith-building video!

CREDITS--Video by Shuv Creative. Narration, Biblical Hebrew Research and Photography of Israel by Christene Jackman. Instrumental Music Bed by Looperman, Kevin MacLeod www.Incompetech.com, Song: "Kum Ori Sar Shalom" (Arise Shine Prince of Peace) from the CD "Thirst", Christene Jackman (c) & (p) 2007. Used by permission. Shuv Creative. All Rights Reserved 2012.