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Psalms For Lent 2

Psalms For Lent 2

By Skit Guys Studios

With eight captivating videos based on Psalms, your congregation can walk through five weeks of Lent, along with Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. Each video helps bring the focus to God and prepare people’s hearts for Easter.

Ash Wednesday: This moving video for Ash Wednesday is based on Psalm 51:1-17, and invites us to acknowledge our own sins and need for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Week 1: In this video for week 1 of Lent, David cries out in Psalm 25:1-10, asking God to teach him and lead him in truth. This video reminds us that God is kind, fair, and faithful.

Week 2: Week 2 of Lent focuses on Psalm 22:23-31, and this beautiful video encourages people to worship God for His faithfulness and what He has done for His people.

Week 3: In Psalm 19, David worships God, bringing the focus of the third Sunday of Lent to God’s greatness displayed in His creation. We’re reminded that His commands are pure and right, and join in David’s prayer to be holy.

Week 4: In passages from Psalm 107, the Psalmist offers thanks to God in this video for the fourth Sunday of Lent. We’re encouraged to remember the times that God has rescued His people from the enemy and to rejoice in His love.

Week 5: In week 5 of Lent, we’re invited to join the Psalmist in a prayer to live a pure life. Inspiring images and the words of Psalm 119: 9-16 guide us in this prayer.

Palm Sunday: In this celebratory video for Palm Sunday, we reflect on passages from Psalm 118 and are reminded of things He has done for us. Use this visually stunning video to usher in the King of Kings on Palm Sunday.

Easter Sunday: Celebrate on Easter Sunday with this video that reflects on passages from Psalm 118. With this beautiful video we’re reminded that God is to be praised for saving us from sin by the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son.