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  • Worship Objects

    Worship Objects
    Floodgate Productions

    Basic questions about worship: What is the object of worship? when you are worshiping? Do you worship things of the world, or do you worship the Living God who has given you all these gifts? It is easy to shift our focus fro ... more


  • The Church

    The Church
    Visual Reality

    The constant cry of many is that the Church should change. The question is often asked, “Is the church being relevant?” On the other hand, should the church be focused on becoming relevant, or focused on worshiping Christ? Bu ... more


  • This Year Will Be Different

    This Year Will Be Different
    Skit Guys Studios

    Have you ever felt frustrated with your waistline, bank balance, family dynamic or unmet objectives? In this honest video, several people wrestle with the desire to set goals, make a change, and start the New Year on the righ ... more


  •  Glimmer City Blue Green

    Glimmer City Blue Green
    Life Scribe Media

    CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR MOTION MIX VOLUME 5 AND SAVE Abstract particle lines background animation loop with particle chains mapped over 3d angular object.


  • True Consequences

    True Consequences

    Summary: Johnny learns that sin separates us from God and it takes more than a sweet bike and walking a bunch of dogs to fix that! Key Thought: I can accept God's gift of salvation. Key Verse: John 3:16 "For God so loved th ... more


  • Salt and Light

    Salt and Light

    Summary: MC Fifty Watt and DJ Salt Shaka can't seem to put aside their beefs...until they realize how they can work together to show God's love! Key Thought: It is my job to show others God's love. Key Verse: Matthew 5:13-1 ... more


  • iWitnessed News

    iWitnessed News

    Summary: iWitnessed News gets to the bottom of the "Crucifixion Controversy" by interviewing proclaimed witnesses: a Roman soldier, the two on the road to Emmaus, Peter and more. Key Thought: Jesus is alive! Key Verse: (Luk ... more


  • Who's the King

    Who's the King

    Summary: Donkey dreams of being a big star but when he is picked to carry Jesus through town he learns about who the real star is. Key Thought: It's not about me. Key Verse: (John 3:30) Jesus must become more important, ... more


  • Wave of Wisdom

    Wave of Wisdom

    Summary: Surfer Dude has to make the wise choice when he finds a shiny nice watch on the beach. Key Thought: God’s wisdom can be hard to follow (even when we know it is right.) Key Verse: Proverbs 8:11 (NIV)–“For wisdom i ... more


  • Feed Me

    Feed Me

    Summary: This cartoon gives a comedic display of the concept of feeding the flesh. After a while, the flesh takes over. It is only through faith can we overcome our desires and weakness of our flesh. (Length: 2:13) Key Vers ... more


  • Body Episode 1, The

    Body Episode 1, The

    Summary: This comedic video highlights the church's need for talents from all walks of life. Every volunteer, every effort made by church members is important and should be appreciated by all (Length 2:01). Key Verse: "For ... more


  • Plank in the Eye

    Plank in the Eye

    Summary: This cartoon short takes a humorous look at pointing out faults in others while ignoring our own (Length 0:50). Key Verse: “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in y ... more


  • Camel Eye

    Camel Eye

    Summary: An interpretation of the camel through the needle...Clyde and Bob learn the hard way that camels can't fit through small spaces! (Length 1:56) Key Verse: “Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a ... more


  • Big Race, The

    Big Race, The

    Summary: This animation illustrates the various distractions that can take us off course in our walk with the Lord (Length 3:27) Key Verse: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward th ... more


  • Flashlight, The

    Flashlight, The

    Summary: This funny cartoon teaches how important God's Word is in our daily lives! Like a boy scout who refuses to use the flashlight in his pocket, many times we refuse to let God's Word guide us through life (Length 2:53). ... more


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