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Sermon Illustrations

Inspirational Sermon Illustration Videos


    Vertical Hold Media

    A beautiful, powerful GOOD FRIDAY mini-movie. Our top-selling Good Friday illustration. HD and SD. CHECK OUT ALL OUR OTHER EASTER CONTENT! CLICK HERE


  • GO


    We were never created to be stationary. God gave us the ability to move and communicate for a reason. When Jesus established the church he intended it to be a movement, and upon his return to heaven, his final command could b ... more


  • Change The Story

    Change The Story
    Motion Worship

    This outreach-focused sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a wide variety of people struggling alone with difficult situations, with motion tracked text telling their stories. In the second half, their lives are transformed ... more


  • That's My King (REMIX)

    That's My King (REMIX)
    Igniter Media

    The late S.M. Lockridge’s words about Jesus are still inspiring and powerful. This updated version offers a new look for a timeless message.


  • Growing Fruit

    Growing Fruit
    No Limits Publishing

    Sanctification. What is it? Growing more like Jesus. But, what part does grace play in it. This video illustrates the importance of drawing close to God and letting him grow our fruit instead of trying to become holy and righ ... more


  • Prayer

    Vertical Hold Media

    An great video about prayer that includes encouraging quotes, scriptures and images about prayer. A great way to intro a message about prayer or lead into a time of prayer. AND CHECK OUT ALL OUR LENT AND ASH WEDNESDAY C ... more


  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday
    1529 Productions

    Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. This is an illustration of the events that happen on that day, based on the Gospel of Mark. We witness the triumphant entry of Jesus, the celebration of his arrival and the fulfil ... more



    Vertical Hold Media

    A beautiful, compelling EASTER INVITE video that will encourage people to invite their friends and neighbors to church. CHECK OUT ALL OUR OTHER EASTER CONTENT! CLICK HERE


  • Stuff

    Floodgate Productions

    We all carry stuff - some good, some not so good. And when we come to church, it’s easy to leave our stuff in the parking lot, then walk into the church building with a smile, as if our stuff doesn’t really exist. But what if ... more


  • Come to the Table

    Come to the Table
    Poppen Productions

    Introduction and invitation to Communion. We are all invited to His table. Yet as we come, we need to acknowledge our weakness and embrace his sacrifice.


  • Forgiveness

    Vertical Hold Media

    A beautiful mini-movie about the joy of forgiveness and why it is so important to walk in forgiveness. Filled with inspiring scriptures, quotes and glorious scenes from nature that underscore the message.


  • Proverbs - Seeking Wisdom

    Proverbs - Seeking Wisdom

    Proverbs tells us that those who seek wisdom will find it. This video illustrates the search for wisdom, set to verses from Proverbs.


  • For God So Loved

    For God So Loved
    Now i See Media

    Before the reality of sin there was a plan for a Savior. Before our existence God provided for the perishing. God's love is immense and amazing! This video reminds us that God loved us before the beginning of time. Our si ... more


  • Child Like Faith

    Child Like Faith

    This touching mini-movie reflects on the words of Jesus in Mark 10:15 about all us of needed childlike faith. It leads us to ask ourselves: what does this look like in my life? And to remember that without Him we can do nothi ... more


  • Deeper

    Sermon Supply

    God’s love calls us away from the shore, into the unknown, into His grand plan for our lives.


  • The Heart of Jesus

    The Heart of Jesus
    Jeremy Graham

    A stop-motion animated short, featuring a man who discovers how much more there is to the world once he sees it through the eyes, and with the heart, of Jesus. ***Package includes the full 1:44 edit, and a 60-second edit.


  • This Is Palm Sunday

    This Is Palm Sunday
    Floodgate Productions

    Days before he will be crucified, Jesus entered Jerusalem. The events of this week will change the world. This is Palm Sunday. This is Jesus.


  • Something Beautiful

    Something Beautiful
    Motion Worship

    This sermon illustration mini-movie depicts a man gathering broken and discarded pieces of wood from old barns in a stark winter scene. As he describes his work, we realize this is God speaking about humanity, and how our Fat ... more


  • The Temple Cleansing

    The Temple Cleansing
    Skit Guys Studios

    Widowed and just wanting to worship, a woman describes the scene at the temple when Jesus drove out the money changers and the kind of rescue that meant for her.


  • The Garden (Holy Thursday)

    The Garden (Holy Thursday)
    1529 Productions

    On Thursday of Holy Week Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane and is betrayed. This is an illustration that event based on the Gospel of Mark. A mixture of footage, descriptive words and scripture passages are used to tell ... more


  • Believe

    Storyhouse Studio

    Everyone needs encouragement to believe that God is who He says He is. Even when they have been through so much and it is hard to reach out in trust they are created to Believe. This video will encourage, challenge, and move ... more



    Vertical Hold Media

    An entertaining video that encourages people to walk in obedience to God.


  • GOOD FRIDAY:  The Cross

    GOOD FRIDAY: The Cross
    Vertical Hold Media

    A powerful video about the significance of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Perfect for Good Friday or anytime during the Easter season. CHECK OUT ALL OUR OTHER EASTER CONTENT! CLICK HERE


  • Easter Invite

    Easter Invite
    CrossEyed Media (E)

    Easter is a day that can attract a lot of families that do not attend church services on a regular basis. This movie trailer style video will help you promote your Easter services. Use this "in your face" style video to enc ... more


  • Sin Verses Grace

    Sin Verses Grace

    Sin Verses Grace features the earth with graphics of the word "Sin" in flaming letters with sound effects of crackling fire and a blue bar with a swoosh sound effect and the graphic word "Grace" in glowing letters along with ... more


Sermon Illustrations

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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