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Sermon Illustrations - Page 378

Sermon Illustrations and Church Videos

  • Pledge, The

    Pledge, The
    Mill Road

    The Pledge of Allegiance set to music and sung by a wonderful children's choir, this majestic video will motivate the hearts of your congregation. Highly patriotic, you'll find many occasions throughout the year for playi ... more


  • Old Glory

    Old Glory

    A moving presentation using images of the American Flag photographed in various settings, including important moments in U.S. history. This video would work well as a centerpiece in a patriotic event, as a transition piece, ... more


  • Distractions

    FLC Productions

    Our lives are surrounded by voices distracting us...worrying us...making us deaf to the word of God. Can these voices be silenced? Can peace be found in the midst of life's trials?


  • Something Lost in the Translation

    Something Lost in the Translation
    Reel Home Productions

    Communication is important in all of our relationships, especially marriage. This short highlights the importance of listening as well as understanding one another. Follow Dave and Karen as they struggle trying to communica ... more


  • People of the Fine Print

    People of the Fine Print
    People's Church

    This clever video asks a most important question; Are we really living our Christian Faith, or is there some "fine print" to our behavior?


  • Rescue

    Golden Lamb Productions

    A reenactment of an accident victim’s rescue by trained professionals. Are we doing our job or are we driving by?


  • Neal

    Project God

    An over enthusiastic Christian turns a car running out gas of into an opportunity to preach a fire and brimstone message. The truth was right, the intent was admirable. But was the message missed due to the method of communi ... more


  • Blender

    Project God

    Discerning God's will in some circumstances can be difficult - especially if our own desires cloud our judgment. This video presentation demonstrates our need to obey God's leadership even in areas that appear the most trivi ... more


  • X Ray

    X Ray
    Midnight Oil Productions

    A simulation of a doctor's analysis of an x-ray chart reveals a fully functional human being, but leaves the question of the soul unanswered - what's inside? Techno-friendly yet meditative. Good for spiritual formation ... more


  • Security System

    Security System
    Midnight Oil Productions

    This techno-driven animation simulates someone trying to login on a security system. After many failed attempts, the system asks, "Who Are You?" Edgy interpretation on the question of our identity in Christ.Midnight Oil provi ... more


  • Navigation

    Midnight Oil Productions

    With the course set, and the destination determined, all that is left to do is consult the Personal Navigator. This high tech computer simulation is the perfect setup for talking about God's direction, the Spirit's guidance, ... more


  • Home Construction

    Home Construction
    Midnight Oil Productions

    This amazing sequence of super time lapse video shot and edited over a period of seven months shows a house being built on a plot of land. Great intro for a number of themes including spiritual foundations, marriage and famil ... more


  • Grill Out

    Grill Out
    Midnight Oil Productions

    Here’s a light-hearted, humorous look at the American pastime of grilling out in the backyard. It’s a great setup for a number of teachings including community, preparedness and impatience. Whether you're putting on an al ... more


  • Compass

    Midnight Oil Productions

    A slow spinning compass invites viewers to reflect on the unchanging authority of Christ’s Lordship. A good clip for worship and teaching on absolute truth in a relative world.Midnight Oil provides two versions of each video ... more


  • Body. Mind. Spirit

    Body. Mind. Spirit
    Midnight Oil Productions

    Healthy living occurs when we give time to honing all three parts of our person - our body, our mind, and our spirit. This introductory clip is great for teaching and worship about the Christian life and becoming more like ... more


  • Aviation

    Midnight Oil Productions

    The inspiring story of Orville and Wilbur Wright holds some clues for Christians seeking hope, desiring perseverance, or wanting to build teams that work together. This clip captures two brothers’ vision to do what everyone e ... more


  • Taps (Solemn Tribute)

    Taps (Solemn Tribute)

    Set to the tune of Taps, this solemn tribute salutes our troops in uniform and those who have fallen to protect our lives and our freedom. Nice for transitioning within your Independence Day Celebration.


  • Indomitable Spirit

    Indomitable Spirit
    Kramer, Robert

    Meet Kyle, an amazing young man whose faith in Christ leaves him no room to be dominated by pessimism. Having no arms below the elbows, and no legs below the knees, he still has a champion spirit. A spirit that led him to the ... more


  • Dear Dad

    Dear Dad
    Flashlight Films

    Many times, our world overlooks the value of a dad. This video reveals the gratitude children have for the work...the play...the time dads have invested in them. Dads do make a difference! Produced by Flashlight Films.


  • Proverbs 31 Woman

    Proverbs 31 Woman
    Flashlight Films

    Proverbs 31, when spoken by children, can reach deeply into the hearts of moms. This is a simple, yet richly profound tribute to mothers.


  • Drifting

    Bower, Brett

    A vacationing pastor and his wife pick up a hitchhiker who challenges their Christian faith... at gunpoint!


  • Light, The

    Light, The
    Top Pup Media

    Light is powerful and the calling of the Holy Spirit is sweet music. Those in the dark are often confused by this. For those who understand, their lives are changed forever. "The Light" is an allegory about people who live in ... more


  • MeChurch

    Igniter Media

    While it is essential to find a church that is fully committed to God's word, it is easy to start thinking that church is about us and our comfort. This video takes a humurous look at the idea of 'shopping' for the perfect ch ... more


  • I Believe

    I Believe
    Igniter Media

    The Bible is not just a story. It is THE Story. It is OUR Story. In it, we find the greatest Hero providing the greatest hope and demanding the greatest response. Original Recording by Cary Pierce. Lyrics by Wes King and Rich ... more


  • Footsteps

    Top Pup Media

    A father takes time to teach his son a valuable lesson of life, even during times of recreation and fun. It's amazing what parents can teach their children about life, destiny and purpose.


Sermon Illustrations - Page 378

Enhance your sermon or worship experience with a sermon illustration video. Church video clips like these help emphasize a message on any topic from grace to prayer to evangelism. Or begin your service with an inspirational sermon starter or worship intro. We have the largest selection of worship and church media around.

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